Mission statement of Region-Center-Ecology in Kaluga

Our principals:

  • We value professional competence and always strive to take the lead.
  • We place a high value on partner relationships and build up our ties with employees, clients and suppliers on the ground of mutual trust, respect and fairness.
  • We care for our reputation as a reliable partner for our employees, clients and suppliers.
  • We help companies to solve any environmental issues using own materials and technical resources, engage in the disposal of practically any type of waste – ranging from lamps to office machinery, appliances and equipment.  The company‘s staff have worked in the scope of environmental services for many years, have acquired broad experience and is suitably qualified.

Region-Center-Ecology builds its activity on close cooperation with leading ecological organizations in Kaluga.

Aims of Region-Center-Ecology:
  1. Customized solutions for each client in the sphere of waste treatment (calculation of waste generation, selection of tailored solutions and recommendations for a client).
  2. Formation of a waste treatment culture among the population and organizations of Kaluga with regard to dealing with 1-4 hazard class waste.
  3. Compliance of the quality of services provided with world standards.
We are planning to achieve the stated aims through the improvement of company management in the areas of environmental protection, environmental management, prevention and containment of emergencies, implementation of an ecological management system in compliance with the requirements of the International standard GOST R ISO 14001-2007.

The main principles applied by the company in the course of its business activity are the following:
  • ecological safety as an integral part of Region-Center-Ecology business activity strategy;
  • cooperation with organizations engaged within the area of the application of ecologically clean and energy efficient technologies;
  • implementation of efficient and energy-saving technologies;
  • staff training with regard to the treatment of waste falling into 1-4 hazard class;
  • consultations with clients with regard to the protection of the environment.

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