Collection and disposal of industrial waste

Collection and disposal of industrial waste

Production waste is a source of anthropogenic pollution of natural environment. Among the production wastes are: materials, substances, or goods, created during the production process, or work performance (service provision), but not used by the company (organization), along with those which fully or partly lost their consumer attributes.

Organization of toxic waste treatment is an ecological task of top priority.

Our company, having the License for carrying out activity related to collection, use and neutralization of wastes, along with transportation, and disposal of 1-4 hazard class waste, issued by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision, offers its services on collection and disposal of the following waste:

  • Used and undamaged lead accumulators (batteries) with electrolyte not discarded 
  • Wastes of chemical origin 
  • Wastes of alkalis, acids, and their mixtures 
  • Galvanic sludge 
  • Used oils and oil product mix 
  • Sand contaminated with oils 
  • Paint material waste 
  • Waste solvents 
  • Contaminated textile (waste cloth)
  • Used types
  • Automobile air and oil filters 
  • Other waste listed in the annex to the License.

Region-Center-Ecology also specializes in disposal of office machines, appliances, and equipment in Kaluga, along with the disposal of electronic equipment and waste containing mercury:

  • Mercury lamps, fluorescent tubes containing mercury, both used and rejected;
  • Waste containing mercury;
  • Goods, appliances (installations), devices, which have lost their consumer attributes containing mercury.

Due to the absence of controlled collection systems, used fluorescent lamps containing mercury are disposed of by the community together with the ordinary rubbish, which results in contamination of rubbish chutes, landfills and environment with mercury.

Containing up to 2-7 mg of mercury, these lamps, along with other fluorescent lamps, constitute a dire threat to the environment and human beings during their decomposition. Main harmful effect of this poison to a human being occurs in the event of metal mercury vapors inhalation (80% of them remain in the human body). Mercury vapors affect the cells of central nervous system and other organs and lead to severe diseases. Therefore, in many countries of the world and in Russia special attention is paid to the establishment of the special system for disposal of waste containing mercury, whereby the latter are removed from the general waste flow and are taken for treatment to the enterprises specializing in this matter.

We have our own workshop for demercurization of – waste containing mercury, and qualified staff trained with regard to waste treatment.

We accept fluorescent and energy-saving lamps from enterprises and organization of the city of Kaluga and Kaluga region for their subsequent disposal.

Improper disposal of various machinery and office machines, appliances, and equipment, i.e. their removal to the household waste landfill, also significantly contaminates the environment. In addition to non-ferrous, ferrous and precious metals, office machines, appliances and equipment contain some organic constituents (various types of plastic, materials based on polyvinyl chloride or phenol-formaldehyde). Such components aren’t dangerous during the operation life of the product. However, the situation changes drastically when the product reaches the landfill. Such metals as lead, antimony, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic, contained in electronic components, turn into organic and soluble compounds and are develop in strong poisons.

Having many years’ experience in the area of waste treatment, we will offer the most convenient way of transportation using specialized vehicles and special package.

Consultation on collection and disposal of relevant waste is available on the following telephone numbers in Kaluga: (4842) 59-70-67; 79-03-23.

The point for waste collection and disposal is located at the address: 57 Grabtsevskoye shosse, Kaluga.

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