Formalization and approval of ecological documentation

Formalization and approval of ecological documentation

Over a number of years of work our employees accumulated a vast experience in the development and approval of ecological project documentation and ecological consulting. Many of our clients are the major organizations of the city of Kaluga and Kaluga region.

We will not only develop the full package of ecological documents for your enterprise, but also will render assistance during the process of their approval. Our company takes pride in customized approach to our clients; we are trying to offer a whole range of services on development of ecological documentation in Kaluga and the region.

We will develop the following for your organization:

  • Technical report about invariability of production process, raw materials and waste treatment (PNOOLR limit validity prolongation);
  • Quantitative Estimates of Waste Generation and Disposal Limits (PNOOLR);
  • Waste profile sheets for 1-4 class of hazard;
  • Calculation of hazard classes in compliance with the “Criteria for Categorization of Hazardous Waste by Environmental Hazard Classes”, approved by the Order no. 511 of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia dated 15/06/2011;
  • Project for maximum permissible emission of pollutants into the atmospheric air (PDV);
  • Project for inventory of maximum permissible emissions of into the atmospheric air from the sources of harmful substances emissions into the atmospheric air;
  • Project for organization of sanitary protection zone (SZZ);
  • Hazard class determination for toxic waste using calculation method in compliance with the Sanitary Rules;
  • Quantity estimates for maximum permissible discharge of substances and microorganisms into water bodies for water consumers;
  • Water consumption and discharge balance;
  • Calculation of payments for negative impact on the environment;
  • Statistical report in the form TP-2 (toxic wastes);
  • Formalization and approval of permit for disposal of solid household and low-risk industrial wastes (TKO and MOPO) for burial at the municipal solid waste (TBO) landfill of the city of Kaluga;
  • Preparation of the package of documents required for obtaining the license for collection, use, neutralization, transportation, and disposal of waste of 1-4 hazard class;

The discounts for companies are available!

The prices are to be determined after preliminary negotiations.

A consultation with regard to the formalization, approval and development of the ecological documentation is available on following telephone numbers in Kaluga: (4842) 76-26-70; 743-243.

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