Services on removal of containers and compactors with a hydraulic hook-lift hoists

Services on removal of containers and compactors with a hydraulic hook-lift hoists

Compactor is an automated mechanism, intended for collection, compaction and accumulation of waste, which consists of two main parts – press and storage container. The compactors help to compact (reduce) waste directly in the place of its collection.

Compactors solve the problem of lack of space for waste storage and release valuable square meters for other essential tasks.


The advantages of compactors’ (press-containers) use are obvious:
  • Cost efficiency – reduction of transport costs;
  • ecological compatibility— shut or even sealed waste storage facility, where the cooling and odor removal system is possible to be applied;
  • efficiency of space and working area use.

Transportation and discharge of compactors is done with the vehicle, equipped with hydraulic hook-lift hoist. Hydraulic hook-lift hoists systems are hydraulic mechanisms, mounted onto the chassis of the vehicle, intended for speedy loading-unloading of interchangeable car bodies or containers.

One vehicle equipped with the hydraulic hook-lift hoist systems can fulfill functions of seven specialized vehicles:

  • Dump truck for transportation of loose materials;
  • Drop-side truck;
  • Dump truck for waste transportation 
  • Container truck;
  • Vehicle for transportation of construction equipment;
  • Vehicle for transportation of cisterns and construction trailers/

The advantages of hydraulic hook-lift hoists use are:

  • Maximum load of the vehicle due to its versatility;
  • High efficiency;
  • Small dead weight of the equipment – increase of the effective load;
  • Complete safety during transportation – special shape of hook grab, security lock during body tipping in dump truck mode, lock check with valve for safety and reliable fixation of interchangeable body;
  • User-friendly construction – doesn’t require any special training; additional features can be installed;
  • Operation convenience – the construction allows you to hang out the rear axles of the vehicle for their repair of wheel changing.

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